Thursday, November 8, 2012

So I started running off the first of the care tags.  I had some problems with the first batch, but I finally got them ironed out.  Also, the ink I was using was really thick and I don't print much flat stock, so on the flood stroke, I was double hitting the paper and was leaving a ghost image.  The problem is that I am printing white on white and couldn't see the ghosting.  This was driving me absolutely mad because I thought that it was a problem with the adhesion powder smearing the print.  It wasn't until I was looking real close at one of the fresh prints that i saw the overbite.
The first sheets came out over cured and had some adhesion problems.  but I sped up the dryer and they stuck like a champ.  Now I have the gel time down to science.

So far I've only used the press for white on dark and will have to print some black prints for heat pressing.  I'm a little nervous because the black I like using is a real thin matte black called "batman black" from Triangle ink.  I love it because it comes out flat, dark, real flexible, and has great coverage. It is as close to a waterbase as it gets without being water based.  The real question is how will it print on transfer paper and how will it adhere when pressed?  Hopefully it will have no hand.  One of the things that I like about white heat transfers is that they go on very flat and have great opacity!  You can barely feel that it is there.  I am in the process of doing a 25 wash test to see how they hold up to extreme wear.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The hem tags are in

I received a package in from DHL Friday and my day was made!  The hem tags are in, and they are awesome.

First of all, I must start by saying that Kiki Kreations rocks!  They worked with me to get the tags just right and it only took a little over a week to have them done.  They came DHL form India to Colorado in only two days.

I was in the shop last night messing around and sewing them on was a little harder than it looked.  The hardest part was that the tag would get stuck to the feed teeth on the sewing machine when I would try to make adjustments and get out of line.  Anyway, once I got it down, they went pretty smooth.  I also had to pick up some pink thread for the womens tag because the black looked like a load of poo.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The first sticker design

Finally received the first batch of stickers in.  It will be a second before I do the second batch, waiting on more money.  I got them done by Stand Out Stickers, and I was pretty pleased by how easy and fast it was.  A little disappointed tho because my order got held up because there was a second charge to do the holes on the tab.  All in all, pretty happy.

Films for care tags

The full sheet
Printed dark on light
Close up of the film

After much design and deliberation, the final designs for the care tags are in.  Originally, I was going to screen the tag on each shirt, but instead I have decided to print sheets of the designs and heat press them on.  This is for better opacity on dark garments, and for a softer hand.  Plus, I can print 25 tags with each pass!  Efficiency will conquer the world.

Received the proof for the hem tags

This is the proof for the new hem tags.  I'm going through a company called Kiki Kreations out of Canada.  I called and got ahold of a very nice lady who answered all of my questions.  I received the proof just a day after uploading the art.  Also I got a very good price considering that it wasn't a huge order.  There also was a little problem with some of the letters in the mens logo, but she is fixing them and I will get them in about two weeks.  Can't wait!

The official hemtag designs are in

After much deliberation, I have decided to include hemtags on the shirts.  It has been a real debate because of the extra cost and labor associated with them.  But it's all about the quality and the experience, so I've resolved to include them.  There is no point in buying something if you're not getting the best.

The final size will be just over 26mm folded with a manhattan fold to keep any loose ends from rubbing.

Hello World

rem  hello world blog
10   $x = "Hello world"
20   print $x
30   end

>Hello world
>init introduction...

Welcome to the Oddblog, the official communiqué of Odditique Studios.  I am the genius behind the oddness.  In this blog, I will attempt to chronicle the humble beginnings Odditique Clothing Co from a mad science project in an attic to a bid for global domination.

Not really.

Right now I must confess that I am pretty cool.  I am a tattoo artist, have a sick beard, rockin' hair, and razor wit.  So cool in fact that I'm just about 2º over absolute zero.  So why this?  Because I have a dark secret: (whisper) I'm a nerd.  No.  Screw that.  I'M A NERD.  I'm also a geek, dork, and dreamer.  I'm a irregular parallelogram peg in a circular hole.  In a world of pretense and posturing where image is everything, I'm tired of trying to fit in.

I also know that I am not alone.

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